SILE-J100 Full automatic rewind labeling machine

Full automatic rewind labeling machine, film labeling machine


Model: SILE-J100

Name:Full automatic rewind labeling machine, film labeling machine

Application:Label to label, label to film label, etc.


1、PLC: SIEMENS, Germany

2、Control-screen: German Siemens 7-inch color touch screen

3、Photoelectric sensor: LEUZE, Germany

4、Electric relay and air switches: Schneider, Germany.

5、Frequency converter: SIEMENS, Germany.

6、Labeling motor: Germany Schneider servo motor.

7、Rewind labeling motor:Germany Schneider servo motor。

8、Servo drive: Germany Schneider servo drive.

9、Torque controller: magnetic powder torque control device.

10、Exposed parts: stainless steel, anodized aluminum alloy, electroplated 45# steel, engineering plastic parts.


Model SILE-J100
Labeling accuracy ±1.0mm (excluding products,labels,error)
Labeling speed 0-30m/min
Applicable product size Length:10mm to any length

Width: 10mm~300mm

inside diameter: φ76mm

outside diameter: φ350mm

Applicable labels stickers label
Applicable label length 10mm to any length
Applicable label width 10mm~100mm
Applicable label inside diameter φ76mm
Applicable label outside diameter φ280mm
Net weight Around 185kg
Machine dimension(L*W*H) 1500mm×800mm×1200mm
Voltage 220V/50Hz
Power 570W
Can custom according to customer requirement

Working video:


Product advantages:

  • High labeling accuracy: Germany Servo motor driver to delivery the label to ensure label stick accurately;The label detouring mechanism is designed to ensure that there is no left-right deviation in the label pulling process.


  • High stability: German Siemens PLC + German Schneider servo motor + German Schneider servo drive + Taiwan Vinyl touch screen + German Schneider Inverter + Taiwan micro frequency conversion motor + German Leuze label detection sensor, support equipment 7 × 24 hours operation;


  • No need for manual real-time supervision: Before the label roll is used up, the machine automatically sound and light reminds to operator to replace the label roll to avoid the failure of missing labels to stop production;


  • Easy replace label: The machine design fully considers the convenience of label install, leaving enough space for manual operations, saving time for loading labels and improving production efficiency;


  • Flow linear label conveying design reduces the production risk and improves the production efficiency: the label uses the interior angle and the flow linear design in the conveying process, avoids the hard label glue is not sticky enough and label is stripped before the marking process due to cold weather.


  • Never slips: The most advanced diamond wheel with double stick technology(SILE company patent) is applied to label traction mechanism.  labels do not slip, strong and accurate.


  • Humanization production management: with automatic shutdown function, production count, power saving(when there is no production within the setting, equipment will automatically transferred to power saving standby state),  and production number setting prompt function, more convenient to do production management;


  • Simple switching different bottle types: when switching different bottle types in the production process, the corresponding configuration parameters in the touch screen can be directly clicked to adjust the position of the guardrail; when manually adjusting the device, the human-computer interaction interface has the operation and teaching functions, and the parameter modification is intuitive and clear. Simple switching of various functions;

Optional features and components:

1 hot coding / inkjet coding function;

2 increase the labeling device;

3 other functions (according to customer requirements).